Zoom Lens is a label set to collapse the binary between pop & experimental art, exploring the implications of popular culture on the human condition and the duality of musical creations discovered through an intersection of local & international sounds.

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General Inquiries:
Please send any general inquiries, including booking, licensing, or any other concerns to info@zoom-lens.org

Please send any inquiries related to distribution, merchandise or our store to merch@zoom-lens.org

Shipping Policy
We are not responsible for lost, damaged, returned or items sent to wrong addresses given to us. For any problems, please contact the above so we can sort out any issues.

Please send all submissions to both info@zoom-lens.org & sean@zoom-lens.org.
Due to the weight of submissions, all emails may not receive a response. Thank you for your time & patience.


Founder / Head of Label / Art Director:
Gary Y. - gary@zoom-lens.org

A&R / Label Manager:
Sean R. - sean@zoom-lens.org

Liaison for Asia
Zeon G. - zeon@zoom-lens.org



Bandcamp: zoomlens

Facebook: zoomlenslabel

Instagram: @zoomlenslabel

Soundcloud: @zoom-lens

Twitter: @zoomlenslabel

YouTube: zoomlenslabel


Select Press + Interviews

Electronic Beats

"...blends dreamy indie with 8-bit and rave euphoria"

Pattern Recognition Vol. 10: Pon! Cuter Love


The Fader

"...broadening definitions of punk"

System Focus: Inside 1080p, Zoom Lens & the New Digital DIY Labels

"...one of the most aesthetically compelling labels in existence. You can never predict what their next release will sound like—because clearly they're giving left-field and unsung voices broad creative control—but you can bet that what comes out will move you"

Meishi Smile Mix


Kill Screen

"...a community unified by commonality in feeling and ideology, music that’s not afraid to talk about the depressing side of life, while staying true to the nature of pop music"

Pop, Politics, And Everything In Between: The Virtual Families of Netlabels


The Nerdist

"...a maven curator of underground Japanese pop/shoegaze/dreampop... compile[d] on [the] ever-growing and ever-impressive label"

The Nerdist Mix


Pigeons & Planes

"...blurring the lines between experimental and pop music... [they] tackle this divide and make it vanish with their sounds, as more extreme elements fade in and out among the colorful, obtuse pop aspirations. Releasing music from Japan, North America, and the Philippines, Zoom Lens is unique in erasing borders and uniting listeners."

33 Independent Record Labels You Should Know



"...embraces the internet's ability to overcome geographic and linguistic boundaries"



Red Bull Music Academy

"Zoom Lens is one of the standout net-based label/collectives that have arisen in the last few years"

Interview: Zoom Lens’ Meishi Smile on J-Pop, Living On The Web, and Real Life