Appears on Metempsychosis [ZL-34]
Chains "Phase 2: Remain" [ZLC-02]
Chains "Phase 1: Resent" [ZLC-01]
Paradice: Revisted By Friends & Lovers [ZLEP-16]
Paradice [ZL-21]



LLLL are a Tokyo-based project focused on blurring the line between intimately ethereal pop and brooding experimentalism, channeling atmospheric and sorrowful waves of sonic bliss. Originally a writer for charting Japanese pop acts, LLLL was created as a more personal project in response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Since releasing their 2014 debut album Paradice on Zoom Lens, LLLL has also released on legendary netlabel Maltine Records, as well as Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs.


Selected Press / Quotes

"...feels like a mountain moved with a square wave."
The Fader

"“Paradice” dips in and out of a 1980s-inspired sea of pugilistic drums, saw-wave stutterings and a dreamlike glaze of ambient sweeps of sound. It could be the soundtrack to an alternative version of the film “Drive,” exchanging Los Angeles’ low-rise buildings for Tokyo’s towering skyline"
The Japan Times

"... heavy, driving j-gaze meets j-pop"
Tiny Mix Tapes