Thought Tempo


(The Flow) [ZLEP-24]
Featured on Zoom Lens V.A. [ZL-07]
Soft Day [ZLEP-06]


Thought Tempo’s delicate melodies and off-kilter ambiance reminisce of the warmth and complexity of early '90s IDM, but stylized with a lucidity and introspective approach that feels less indebted to the calm of nostalgia, and much rather the reclamation and sincerity of timeless feelings and melodies. With support from other left-field electronic labels such as Teklife, Thought Tempo’s music has been described by Complex as “a jazzy vibe onto the footwork framework."


Selected Quotes / Press

"...Thought Tempo's curiously off-kilter ambient jam Soft Day needs more than a minute to get started, but then the heavily filtered, slightly early Boards Of Canada-reminiscent synth arpeggios and the loose, supposedly deliberately askew vocal layers over the smooth and trippy beat evolve into a pretty irresistible aural experience"
No Fear of Pop

"...a jazzy vibe onto the footwork framework (with a healthy smattering of Mark Morrison atop the track)"


"Soft Day"
off the EP Soft Day