DJ Obake

Catalog: ZL-24
Release: December 28th, 2014
Format: CD / Digital

1. Heavenly Steps
2. 4649 Midnight
3. Voyager
4. Darlin' Darlin'
5. 37℃
6. Beat Human
7. Ecstatic Girl
8. Fushigina Cloudy Planet
9. You Just So Beautiful
10. Pied Piper
11. Love Streams
12. End of Bend
13. Opening Night


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Heavenly and playful ghost sounds from DJ Obake of Her Ghost Friend, a colorful twee/hip-hop/J-Pop duo where Obake serves as the colorful track producer.

“H” is the DJ Obake’s first collaborative release with Zoom Lens. By himself, DJ Obake is allowed to experiment away from Her Ghost Friend to create a new world of his own. “H” is the Japanese slang for sex, although the album’s sound is marked by something much more innocent in scope.

The palette of sounds presented on “H” will remind listeners of the more meditative moments of games like Katamari Damacy and the thick melodies of Yellow Magic Orchestra, coupled with the complex electronics of Kid606, the twee energy of Girlsareshort and the upbeat, yet low-end sound of Daedelus.


"“Voyager” is, appropriately given his bckground, a twinkly number anchored by a shifty, club-ready beat. Yet the vocals, usually clear in Her Ghost Friend recordings, are blurrier and more mysterious here. It makes for a great, woozy song."
Make Believe Melodies

"...the multiple layered commercial soundtrack of your dreams"
Tiny Mix Tapes