Cyclops Rock
Crush Punk

Catalog: ZL-26
Release: May 19th, 2015
Format: Digital

1. Remove Nozzle/Select Grade
2. Crush Punk
3. Mothra vs. Godzilla: Ravishing A Universe For Love!
4. Just Like Metal
5. Sometimes You Are Alone
6. Annapolis
7. Open Letter
8. Summer II
9. AX2013
10. Make Your Youth Complicated (Album Ver.)


A sincere pop-punk journal.


"Cyclops Rock sing with the lighthearted tone of They Might Be Giants or Weird Al, but their lyrics are far less comical. Instead, they’re shooting a rapid-fire burst of emotions and experiences through an introspective lens that celebrates the togetherness of our common personal feelings. They know how to write it all in a way that skips the sappy nostalgia of unity. With punk rock playing and squiggly indie pop keys, ‘Crush Punk’ takes its time going from one Motion City Soundtrack-eque song to a Descendents-styled yelp"
The Nerdist