Special Economic Zone

Catalog: ZL-27
Release: August 27th, 2015
Format: Digital

1. My Negative Approach 2
2. Linear Motor
3. Cortez The Killer
4. Jamaican Rum Conversation
5. Return to the Abraham Mosque
6. Short Position

Cassette + Digital

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Tallinn is the New York-based experimental project of Scott Whittaker. Tallinn's album Special Economic Zone takes place at the intersection of virtual and real in the globalized cultural marketplace. Mediated and mistranslated by the Internet, foreign pop idols and romanticized geographies echo through a landscape of commodity and ruin.

To that end, Special Economic Zone possesses a rich musical diversity: baritone shoegazed post-punk and power electronics are set against deteriorated J-Pop samples, Cambodian propaganda karaoke, and cosmopolitan field recordings. The musical language is direct, yet found in translation.


"...just picture the teen-made ironic local-backwoods mosque to Abraham; stumbling upon crudely rudimentary effigies and probably drug paraphernalia, but mostly beer cans/bottles, hearing distant singing or fingers taping or maybe it’s the cellphone towers clanging"
Tiny Mix Tapes