Thought Tempo
Soft Day

Catalog: ZLEP-06
Release: 2011
Format: Digital

1. Soft Day
2. Horny


The serenity and comfort of lying in the wake of a dream half-remembered, forever floating textures that slip through you past the point of passivity. The slow glide back into the dark abyss, anticipating with hope for only the most vivid, warm and welcoming of thoughts. Thought Tempo’s first single is exemplary in setting the standard for beat-driven music infusing lush ambiance and melodic sampling, complementing each other to create something that goes beyond what has been typified as experimental electronic music, beyond being derivative of any style or approach commonly held before. A complex and meditative feat that is at the same time welcoming in it’s embrace, yet intransient in never letting you go, unable for you to take but a single breath before it is even over. Balancing on a cloud unafraid of the reality beneath it.


"...Thought Tempo's curiously off-kilter ambient jam Soft Day needs more than a minute to get started, but then the heavily filtered, slightly early Boards Of Canada-reminiscent synth arpeggios and the loose, supposedly deliberately askew vocal layers over the smooth and trippy beat evolve into a pretty irresistible aural experience"
No Fear of Pop