Promise EP

Catalog: ZLEP-21
Release: March 10th, 2015
Format: Digital

1. Promise
2. GreedGreed
3. Promise (ZZZ Remix)
4. Promise (komono Remix)
5. Promise (RunFoxRun! Remix)
6. GreedGreed (Xyloid Remix)
7. GreedGreed (Tomggg Remix)


KiWi is AZUpubschool + COR!S.

AZUpubschool has long been apart of Japan's thriving footwork scene and is an associate of famed net label Maltine Records.

COR!S is a J-Pop singer by trade whose unique style of fantasy electro and sparkling vocals have graced her own compositions and the work of artists such as bo en.

With AZUpubschool's juke background and COR!S’ pop sensibilities, the two create a maximalist hybrid of swinging J-Pop and hyper intricate melodies that curve and hit, paying homage to their respective backgrounds while bringing something entirely new to the forefront of the thriving Japanese net label and pop scene abroad.


"...ready to take both the Japanese and international music scene to the next level."

"... their Promise EP puts bright, bubbly singing against pinballing electronics, and the combo works"
Make Believe Melodies

"Retro synth washes and fantastical lyrics recall ’80s city pop, but the decidedly contemporary percussion keeps things moving forward — and towards the dance floor, naturally."
The Japan Times