This Deep Well

Catalog: ZLEP-25
Release: December 11th, 2015
Format: Digital

1. Less
2. Gone
3. Guest
4. Corridor
5. Guestroom


This Deep Well's "Entry" is the follow-up EP to his debut Zoom Lens album "From" (2012), expanding his sound past previous works, "Entry" draws inspiration from a variety of sources such as the avant-garde output of the '70s Canterbury scene, the progressive jazz of The Weather Report and modern Japanese shoegaze outfits such as Coaltar of The Deepers, Luminous Orange and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, "Entry" leans on a vividly dreamy, fusion-tinged edge. 

"Entry," which is presented in a bright, sterilized blue was conceived due to a similar nature. Vivid dreams of water, a swim through the flood and at the end, a beautiful island with a palace standing tall. These type of dreams helped This Deep Well manifest into physical reality the EP presented. 

"Entry" can perhaps be taken as our own attempt to tangibly bridge the worlds between pure thought and imagination into a concrete form which we are then allowed to embrace, enter and manipulate due to our own will. "Entry" is the door to such vivid, wild dreams.