Ulzzang Pistol

Catalog: ZLEP-26
Release: December 11th, 2015
Format: Digital

1. Moonlight (ft. 오희정 /Oh Hee Jung)
2. Ulzzang Pistol x Similar Objects - Ilalim Ng Buwan (Under The Moonlight)


"Moonlight" is the first single off of Ulzzang Pistol's forthcoming album "Waste," set to release on February 12th, 2016. 

"Moonlight" details a fascination with the moon and the night. An illuminating guide towards dancing away the sorrows of every day life and heartbreak. Despite what troubles may consume you and the tears you may hide, the mournful night sky will guide you towards a path more pure. 

The track features Oh Hee Jung, whose own brand of bleak, hazed out synth pop has established her as a highly underrated gem of the Korean indie scene. On Moonlight, she transfers that energy full force into vocalizations equally similar and eerie, contrastingly guided by Ulzzang Pistol's intimate, subtle instrumentation and sorrowful raps. 

"Ilalim Ng Buwan" or "Under The Moonlight" is the B-Side to "Moonlight" and features fellow Filipino native Similar Objects. The track stands strongly as it is Ulzzang Pistol's first Tagalog song for Zoom Lens. 

"Ilalim Ng Buwan" combines Ulzzang's more familiar dance-pop singing style filled with a deep emo-pathos that blends with Similar Objects' smooth electro touch. The track on the surface feels of a love song and the thought of wanting to die and let it all go, but in symbolism the subject of love in the song can also be seen as a parallel to socioeconomic struggle and the frustration of wasting away making salary to an unfulfilling place of labor.