meishi smile

Catalog: ZLEP-28
Release: May 27th, 2016
Format: Digital

1. ego
2. apathy
3. forever (yours)
4. bruise
5. flowers & may
6. strange color


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"(reclamation)" is the third release by meishi smile. 

Only several months after their 2nd full length "...Belong," a record detailing the search for a representational self, "(reclamation)” chooses to symbolize the affirmation of such notions amongst a much more calmly lucid and introverted backdrop. 

The result is one focused on shallow ambiance, soft noise and screams that gasp rawly with desperation. Minimalist guitar loops processed till they sweep like ocean waves that peak during a blackened night. While lyrically, "(reclamation)" poses an even greater sense of self-consciousness than its predecessor, lingering exposed and accepting its own broken wings. 

Although one can define this territory as an opposition towards the previous sounds of “LUST” and “…Belong,” it is actually with a degree of self-amendment that “(reclamation)” exists, as it simply serves to remember why the project is. For this brief expression serves as catharsis leading towards what can possibly “be" during the next stage of the meishi smile project.